Month: May 2009

The RSC's Hamlet to be filmed

It is now official. The RSC production of Hamlet is to be filmed by the BBC and shown later this year on BBC 2. There had been a petition calling for the filming of the RSC’s 2008 production. The petition has reached nearly 8,000 signatures showing that the audience can have some influence on decisions.…

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Star Trek (13th May 2009)

In some of the posts I have been writing about time travel. In thinking about the aesthetic used to represent the seventies and in reviewing Doctor Who. This new version of Star Trek is not only about the future, it attempts to recreate the sixties. Women wear short dresses and men have rather questionable haircuts.…

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Constable Portraits (National Portrait Gallery, 2nd May 2009)

The Constable exhibition is a much smaller exhibition than the Richler exhibition showing a range of Constable’s works that we don’t always see as we normally experience his landscapes. The exhibition is series of portraits of Constable’s family, close friends and associates. The catalogue does say that , “Famously, constable once observed that painting is…

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