The RSC's Hamlet to be filmed

It is now official. The RSC production of Hamlet is to be filmed by the BBC and shown later this year on BBC 2. There had been a petition calling for the filming of the RSC’s 2008 production. The petition has reached nearly 8,000 signatures showing that the audience can have some influence on decisions.

There had been rumours for some time and Oliver Ford Davies had let slip the possibility in an interview with The Telegraph back in April. Rumours were that the production would be filmed in June. This seemed like a real possibility because Tennant would have finished filming Doctor Who, Ford Davis would be about to embark on All’s Well That Ends Well, and Patrick Stewart would be at the Haymarket in Waiting For Godot. Tennant was quoted as saying that he was in talks about a film version. Anyway, it is all official. The Daily Mail was first as far as I can see to make the announcement and then the BBC followed with an official statement. Since then the RSC have issued a Press Release.


The news breaking in the Daily Mail…

Royal Shakespeare Compnay Official Press Release

BBC Announcement

What the Daily Telegraph had to say

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