Nights at the Museum 2 (27 May 2009)

I really enjoyed Nights at the Museum 1, even though I thought that I wouldn’t. I’m not sure what I expected in going to the sequel. More of the same I suppose and that was it. However, it was more of the same and more and more so that the whole narrative was so tightly packed it was like wading though mud. In the first film, the story and characters were built up, but in the sequel I felt I was dive bombed straight into the story as if in one of the toy planes that feature in the film. All the old characters from the first film were brought back and then locked away. That meant that we were introduced to new characters, but there were just too many of them to really work. Was there any good moments? Well the cherubs/cupids were sweet and the thinker was more physical than cerebral, but for me that was it.

Nights at the Museum 2

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