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Thank you so much for the lovely person who put this on Twitter.  I don’t know who you are, but you caught me in my favourite place.  At a performance of RSC Henry V.


My theatre blog, Between the Acts, can now be found at:

My blog Between the Acts is part of a larger project which is thinking about the moments on the edge of performance.

I liked the idea of keeping a blog so I could record my impressions about the things I had seen or read. I thought that it might be easier to remember theatre productions, and what I felt when I visited art exhibitions if I had jotted down some thoughts. My blog was never intended to be polished work, but thoughts in direct response to things I had experienced. It is interesting to look at choices for words and phrasing which might be changed if I was going through a drafting process. I think I will return to postings in the future and revisit what I thought. I am so aware that response to culture is ever changing and transient. It’s also shaped by other people’s thoughts and responses. My main interest is Theatre, especially Shakespeare. I love reading contemporary fiction, as well as the classics. I love travelling to see different productions and am now finding seeing the same production more than once is a really rewarding experience.

This blog started as Miching Malicho which is a quote from Hamlet. David Tennant said that it was often his favourite line when he played Hamlet. I felt the line gave a feel of something mischievous but also something creative.  However as the blog has developed, it because clear that Miching Malicho didn’t really describe or represent what I was doing and I decided to move my blog to Between the Acts which is the title of a novel by Virginia Woolf and gave more of the impression that I was writing between viewing – between the acts.

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