My co-teacher, Saffron Walkling and myself on a student theatre trip to Newcastle
My co-teacher, Saffron Walkling and myself on a student theatre trip to Newcastle.  We are interested in learning that takes place in different spaces as well as the classroom. (October 2014)


Working with Pippa Nixon and Alex Waldmann in the classroom. Using performance approaches to get to grips with Shakespeare’s texts. (November 2016)


The Mapbeth app designed by York St John students.  

In 2014, I became a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  I have been a tutor in higher education since 1999 and before that I was a tutor for the Workers Education Association (WEA).
I am genuinely passionate about learning and teaching and have taught on a range of Literature modules including Shakespeare, Romanticism and Contemporary Literature.  I have also taught on Media modules and I am interested in exploring the relationship between the two areas in my teaching.

There are two things which have had a major influence on me as a teacher.  The first is as a tutor in adult education, I became aware that a passion for learning was the most powerful thing.  I taught adult learners that put their learning at the centre of their busy lives.  They were in the classroom through choice, and that was important.  Today, I try to recreate that excitement and passion in my classrooms.  The second thing that was a major influence was a my time as the Head of Joint Honours.  Leading on the development of a major curriculum that brought together a range of subject combinations was an enormous learning experience for me, but because I worked with colleagues and students across so many disciplines, I saw how crossing boundaries did make a difference.

I am interested in using different spaces.  I am interested in exploring how E-Learning can enhance the student experience, and how taking the students to the theatre can enhance student learning.  I have developed a distance learning module, and I have had to think carefully about how classroom activities can be translated to the on line environment.  I have included some mini lectures that I film on an IPad and have had the support of colleagues, actors and visiting academics to do these.

My research informs my teaching, but more importantly, my teaching informs my research.  I learn so much from my students.  The buzz of going into the classroom and discussing the things you are passionate about with interested learners is the most exciting thing ever.

I have undertaken teaching exchanges at the Universities of Silesia, Bonn and Tarragona.

Current Modules

Shakespeare: Perspectives

Learning and Teaching strand on Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice

Media Geographies

State of the Art: British Literature

Reading Texts 1

Literature at Work

MA Introduction module

Also taught on:

Shakespeare and His Contemporaries

From the Enlightenment to Romanticism

Gothic and Horror

Media Narratives

Reading Texts 2


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