Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl (Gilded Balloon, Sunday 8th August 2015) ****

Rebecca Perry performs this monologue with humour and some song. The show does what it says on the tin (title in this case). The show is the story of a girl (Joanie Little) working in a coffee shop because she can’t get a graduate job. Joanie has got a degree in Anthropology and puts that to good use in the coffee shop where she observes all the customers and colleagues. There’s the owner a bit like a gorilla, the jogger like a turkey and her ex who is like a peacock.

Joanie dreams of working with her idol Jane Goodall. She even has a picture of Goodall in her flat and talks to her on an evening.

I couldn’t help liking Joanie, and it’s the kind of piece that you know nothing bad will come of it.

Like many Festival ticket buys, I bought the ticket on the basis that the title of the show sounded good. I was glad that I did.

Further Information

My verdict: ****

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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