Star Trek (13th May 2009)

In some of the posts I have been writing about time travel. In thinking about the aesthetic used to represent the seventies and in reviewing Doctor Who. This new version of Star Trek is not only about the future, it attempts to recreate the sixties. Women wear short dresses and men have rather questionable haircuts. The earth scenes look like they are set on a 1960’s university campus. The story is about time travel in it as well, so we have several layers of narrative in different time zones. The film is action packed and the recurring motif of Kirk clinging on as he dangles over a crevice makes us realise that even though Kirk is in danger he will always survive.

It’s a great film. Spock is the only character that looks like he did in the original and this is a good job because Leonard Nimoy makes a guest appearance.

The film was fun and action packed. It was humorous and entertaining. It seems to have set up the possibility of doing some sequel to this prequel!!!

Star Trek

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