Constable Portraits (National Portrait Gallery, 2nd May 2009)

The Constable exhibition is a much smaller exhibition than the Richler exhibition showing a range of Constable’s works that we don’t always see as we normally experience his landscapes. The exhibition is series of portraits of Constable’s family, close friends and associates.

The catalogue does say that , “Famously, constable once observed that painting is another word for feeling'” (Gayford, 2009, p.15). For me, this felt like an important part of the exhibition. The use of tones and oil presents the sitters with her real warmth and tenderness. This would make sense if the portrait of Ann Constable is by Constable, showing an empathy with the sitter. In looking at portraits which are of Constable’s family, I felt that I was getting an insight into Constable’s personal world.

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Gayford M. and Lyles A. (2009) Constable Portraits London, National Portrait Gallery

Constable Portraits National Portrait Gallery

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