Month: September 2017

Westfield Walk

I enjoy finding places near where I live, and that I didn’t know about.  It’s that thing where there are places on your own doorstep that you don’t visit, but instead, travel miles to find similar places.  So only five minutes from our house we find ourselves in the middle of the countryside.  Around us,…

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Campus Quest (Collaboration Task)

The campus quest photos can be found at: The York St John University Campus map can be found at:–facilities/campus-map/ The quest: In your new study groups arrange a time to meet and try and find as many of the places that have been captured in the photographs.  Please mark on a copy of…

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Autumn Teaching

  Back at work last week after a short holiday, and some time writing.  There’s a chill in the air as Summer disappears and the back end of the year starts to encroach on the green landscapes.  The campus is very busy.  The students have returned, and our new students have arrived.  This is one of…

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