Gabriel Orozco (12th February 2011, Tate Modern)

I really liked this exhibition and the way it was curated. I liked the fact that you could go back into rooms you’d already visited without feeling you were going the wrong way round it. I didn’t know what to expect so it was really helpful to go back to things and take them in rather trying to remember what I’d seen. I think it was this element of surprise and being able to move back and forth through the rooms, that made the exhibition fun to visit. At times, I found myself smiling at the exhibits such as the chequered skull (Black Kites), which is a fascinating piece and has been used on the publicity materials. I really enjoyed most about this exhibition was that its interest with the everyday object and the variety of work on show. I particularly liked the water photographs, such as the roofs and the slashed football which presented the objects in ways that the textures became as important as the objects themselves. I liked the bicycle sculpture and the car (La DS), because they made me take another look and see different thing each time. The exhibition was promoted as an exploration of urban life, but as it was an urban life which was slighty alien to me, and indeed the strangeness of some of  what is normally familiar added to my enjoyment of the exhibition as a whole.

The Exhibition catalogue is very informative and detailed, with some useful essays.

Temkin, Ann (2010) Gabriel Orozco. Tate Publishing.

The exhibition runs until the 25th April and hopefully I’ll get another chance to see it before it closes.

Further Information

Gabriel Orozco Tate Modern

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