Boris: World King (Pleasance Courtyard, Saturday 8th August 2015) ****

Tom Crawshaw is Boris Johnson, and we are taken on a very funny journey through Boris Johnson’s life. Boris is doing a run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival because he wants to win the Foster’s Comedy Award. This conceit allows the production to be self-referential and highlight the elements which make great comedy. There is much to keep the audience entertained such as a wheel of fortune, a phone going off in the audience, and the usual comic convention of a mix up (in this case Boris’ data sticks). Supported by his assistant/agent/stage manager, Boris tells us about his life and why he is called Boris and not Alex.

As with all good political satire, the politician (Boris Johnson) is lampooned – his flaws and weaknesses are exposed. Nevertheless, I did leave the production wondering how Boris Johnson had been able to achieve what he had in his career. Do we need to send up Boris, because Boris is able to do that himself?

The room (upstairs) was very stuffy, and the two performers were clearly uncomfortable in the heat; nevertheless, they continued with professionalism and delivered extremely polished performances.

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My verdict: ****


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