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On March 8, I paid my first visit to a Live Darts competition.  The Premier League match was being held at the First Direct Arena in Leeds. Sitting on the Table seats, I took part in the jumping up with my sign every time someone scored 180.  However, I also had the freedom to go to…

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Swim 22

Today I swam a mile in my local pool.  That’s nothing unusual for me. The difference today was that the mile contributed to the Swim 22 Challenge. The Swim 22 challenge is a challenge which presents an opportunity to swim 22 miles over 12 weeks in your local pool.  The challenge begins on 22 February…

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Victory Condition

  On Friday 20 October 2017,  I saw Chris Thorpe’s Victory Condition at the Royal Court. This is a double hander with Sharon Duncan-Brewster and Jonjo O’Neill.  it is only 55 minutes long, and a play that required the audience to listen to catch every word to make the words matter.  It was an experience…

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