I Am Not Myself These Days (Pleasance Courtyard, Saturday 8th August 2015) *****

Tom Stuart is Josh Kilmer-Purcell and this is a love story. John performs as the drag queen Aqua. Josh meets Jack (who is a sex worker), and they move in together.

Stuart is sensational. He portrays both Aqua and Jack, and an array of other characters. However, he is dressed as Aqua and manages to capture her journey of performing, drinking, partying and coping with a crack addicted partner. Stuart is masterful at portraying a gamut of emotions as he tells this extraordinary story. As an audience, we are taken through lots of different moods and experiences, and we just don’t know what to expect next.

I was particularly impressed in the way Stuart brings the performance to a close. At the end I wished I could have walked back in and seen it all over again.

I Am Not Myself These Days was certainly in my top three shows that I saw on my visit to the Fringe this year.

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My Verdict: *****


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