Swim 22


Today I swam a mile in my local pool.  That’s nothing unusual for me. The difference today was that the mile contributed to the Swim 22 Challenge.

The Swim 22 challenge is a challenge which presents an opportunity to swim 22 miles over 12 weeks in your local pool.  The challenge begins on 22 February and finishes on 22 May.  You see what they are doing here, playing with the number 22 and dates.

The significance of 22 miles is that it is the distance of the English Channel.  Well, I’ve always wanted to swim the channel.  It’s on my bucket list.  I think it will remain on my bucket list.  It just sounds very complicated and confusing.  You need to book a slot and a boat, and you have to do it in your swimming costume, and then there are the massive ferries….

This challenge means that I can do what I do nearly every day, but have a purpose in it. I will be raising money for Diabetes UK.  It’s really important to stay fit if you are diabetic.  If you wish to donate to such a good cause, that would be fantastic.

More information can be found here:


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