Night and Daze (Underbelly, Friday 7th August 2015) ****

A drunken night out, but full of humour and engaging. We follow Sheffy on a night out and meet his work colleagues and friends. On the night out Sheffy falls in love. This is an extremely energetic performance from both performers.

Of course, there are lots of shows about a drunken night out on the Fringe (Wasted and Weekend Rockstars to name two others that I saw). Sometimes people acting drunk can become a little tedious, but here I felt that this production was different enough to keep me engaged. Not that I liked the character, but I don’t think we are meant to.

I really enjoyed this mix of performance poetry and physical theatre.

Things I needed to Know.

I know Underbelly from previous visits to the Fringe but I wish I could remind myself that this is a very claustrophobic venue.

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