Short Review: The Heretic (Royal Court, 19th March 2011)

This was my first visit to the Royal Court and it felt very exciting walking into a theatre where history has been made. I really enjoyed The Heretic. I thought that it mixed comedy and sadness to great effect. The first half was much better than the second half and it felt a little bit that the play struggled to find a satisfactory ending. I was left wondering why the security guard ended up in the house. I don’t think this was explored fully.  The moments with the daughter at the end of the play were very moving and I thought tension was built up well. It was a little ironic going from York to London to see a play set in York.  Stevenson was fantastic and this was the first time I had seen her on stage since her RSC days and when she played Celia to Fiona Shaw’s Rosalind.

Juliet Stevenson Royal Court

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