Season’s Greetings (National Theatre, 5th March 2011)

In many ways, going to see Season’s Greetings at the National Theatre is a very different experience from seeing Antony and Cleopatra in the Swan theatre the light before. Here we have a lavish set, consisting of three floors of a house and lots of doors. Without knowing the play, I kind of guess that there will be a mix up and lots of people entering and exiting through them. Catherine Tate didn’t disappoint and delivered a lovely performance. I think that I will need to get used to seeing her this year with Much Ado About Nothing coming up this summer.  For me, this was just good entertainment, and I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the theatre.  It was like all those farces, I was taken to as a child when we were on holiday or visiting London with my parents.

Catherine Tate National Gallery

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