On the radio…

I have always loved the radio, but I think I listen to the radio more than watch television (but maybe not as much as going to the theatre). There’s those waking moments when the day starts and half asleep the Today programme invades my dreams. If I am lucky to get a lift to work, it’s the local commercial radio station, Minster FM, where we guess the year and listen to debates about dunking biscuits and, more importantly, where every caller is treated with utmost respect. I make a point each week of catching up on Front Row and Saturday Review on the BBC I Player and thanks to the marvel of podcast on those journeys to the theatre, I listen to Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Five Live film reviews. I laugh because I am so aware that Mark Kermode’s catch phrase is ‘You know what’. Imagine discussing things here in Miching Malicho starting every post with —‘you know what’. I feel that when I listen to radio, I can get on and do other things and radio has elements for every situation. I don’t think that radio killed the video star, but has a long future ahead. Indeed, what’s video??


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