As You Like It (The Courtyard, 2nd July 2009)

This is becoming the As You Like It summer. I’ve already blogged about the Curve production, RSC production, and the Globe production, but felt that I had make mention of the RSC one again after seeing Mariah Gale go on as understudy for Rosalind. On this occasion, there were no press releases or reports of fans demanding their money back. Indeed Gale is an established actress playing some of Shakespeare’s lead women – Miranda, Ophelia and Celia. I felt Gale did a fantastic job and it was really strange watching her playing the other half of the Celia/Rosalind partnership. I was amazed the costumes fitted her, as I understand that the understudies do not have their own costumes. Lines about Celia being smaller than Rosalind were funny because of the switch and Gale made comment in her prologue that it was unusual to see the part of Rosalind played by the understudy. I liked Katy Stephens in the role, but it was refreshing to see Gale have a go at it. it’s also nice to see Gale playing the comedy, as Ophelia is such an intense and difficult role to play and both the Princess of France and Celia are not big parts.

As You Like It Courtyard Theatre Katy Stephens Mariah Gale RSC

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