When We Are Married (WYP 21st April 2009)

I think I was surprised. I had read other reviews and I didn’t think that I would enjoy this production, but I had a really good time. it just shows though how diverse the reviews can be. The Telegraph gives the production 5 stars, but Charles Hutchinson in the Yorkshire Evening Press found flaws and The Stage reviewer wasn’t that impressed either. I tended to side with Charles Spencer on this production. For me, the strength was that the production was clearly set in a period of time. When I went to see the play, I had in mind Boeing Boeing, which just doesn’t hold true for 2009. WYP’s When We Were Married didn’t pretend it was relevant to 2009 and so it became a very entertaining evening. The female characters seemed to be much more developed than those in Boeing Boeing and had comments and views on the situation they found themselves in. Even though the status quo was maintained at the end of the play, it felt that the characters has been through a transforming experience. So even though there was a traditional ending, I went away feeling things might be slightly different for the couples, even if it was only slightly different.

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When We Are Married; Antony and Cleopatra – tou
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When We Are Married; Antony and Cleopatra – tou
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West Yorkshire Playhouse When We Are Married

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