Weekend Rockstars (Underbelly, Sunday 8th August 2015) *****


It was the end of my third day and I’d had two late nights, so why not a third?

This is a piece by Luke Barnes who is an exciting young playwright and the author of Chapel Street and Visitor. Barnes’ writing and Middle Child’s energetic performance is thoroughly entertaining.

The production is a mix of dialogue and music, telling the story of Terry who is living through the worst week of his life. Each day gets worse, but as the weekend arrives, Terry is going to be a rockstar. Though Terry loses his girl, his job and more, there is a positive, optimistic feel and ending to the piece.

I was enthralled by the lead singer’s performance as Terry. He had a habit of making eye contact which drew me into the piece.

When I went to see this, early in the run, the audience was sparse. Maybe it was the venue and the slot combined, but I hope word spreads and more people get to see this show.

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My verdict: *****

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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