Blake Remixed (Underbelly, Friday 7th August 2015) ****

Testament is a beatboxer and rapper who fuses together hip hop and Blake. It feels like a very odd combination at first, but Testament is so charming and engaging that he takes you with him in a complex performance. Here we have Testament’s own personal story, an analysis of Blake’s poetry, as well as the story of hip hop.

At first glance, it might not seem that an eighteenth-century poet and hip hop are a good combination, but Testament begins with a lovely commentary on the eighteenth century. This is clearly a commentary on today as well as the eighteenth century, and we can see that Blake’s work has some relevance today.

The production is visually stunning as well as an aural delight. The clever use of digital media presents images associated with  Blake’s poetry provide a visually stunning backdrop. The mix of rap and Blake’s poetry performed with such energy is exciting and engaging.

Further Information

Twitter @homecut

My verdict: ****

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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