Short Review: A Christmas Carol (Flanagan Collective, Lion and Lamb York)

Last night, I went to the A Christmas Carol dining experience at the Lion and Lamb, a pub in the centre of York.  This is a show directed by Tom Bellerby for the Flanagan Collective.


The show is a mix of theatre and a dining experience.  As we enjoyed a drink in the bar of the Lion and Lamb, we were  invited by the ghost Marley (John Holt-Roberts) to cheer miserable Scrooge  (Ed Wren) up on Christmas Eve.  We left the bar and go into the street where we are invited into Scrooge’s home, which is also the front room of the pub.  Here the show begins. The experience is a mix of drama, music, and party games, as well as eating and a drink of mulled wine.

This is the kind of show you would see at the Edinburgh festival.  It is intimate and fun, and a great way to celebrate at Christmas time.  It is an audience participation show, but no one is embarrassed and it is great to see the two actors put everyone at ease so that the audience can go along with the concept and join in when appropriate.  The show is well structured and all the elements work well together.  There are some lovely surprises, so it would be mean of me to spoil them here on my blog.

This was a Christmas present and a lovely way to spend a Thursday evening at Christmas.  I understand that tickets are selling fast, so you’ll need to book to ensure you get a place.  The ticket price includes the show, food and drink.

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Flanagan Collective

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