Short Review: The Winter’s Tale (Propeller, Sheffield Lyceum, 4th February 2012)

Thinking back to this production, I have a memory of sand, snow, models, and a rather sinister Mamillius (Ben Allen), who doubles as Perdita in the second half.

What I find fascinating about Propeller’s work is that I am always aware that this is men playing women’s parts.  There is never an attempt to pretend to look like women, but at times the effect is to give a fresh perspective on the issues.  In casting the most masculine man in the company, it brings a very different perspective on Paulina (Vince Leigh).  Propeller has a habit of being brilliant at portraying characters and then being able to give the sense of being anonymous.  In this production, the company were able to turn themselves into sheep with great effect.

My colleague, Saffron, has written about this production here:

Propeller Theatre Sheffield Lyceum The Winter's Tale

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