Jonjo O’Neill ‘The Half’ before As You Like It

I thought that this was really amazing. Here is Jonjo O’Neill singing in the foyer of the Roundhouse only about 15 minutes before a performance of the RSC’s As You Like It.  He is due on stage in 15 minutes.  It made me think about Simon Annand’s book The Half: Photographs of Actors Preparing for the Stage and the way actors prepare in the half hour before a performance starts. Jonjo said he found singing relaxing. I’m not sure how many people coming into the theatre realised that they were being entertained by Orlando.

This was the final performance of As You Like It on British soil.

As You Like It Jonjo O'Neill Romeo and Juliet

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  1. Loved Jonjo O’Neill in Romeo & Juliet – it’s the only thing I’ve seen him in. And yes an interesting way of spending The Half.
    Mark Gatiss was spotted walking through the NT foyer on Friday night half an hour before Season’s Greeting’s was due to start. Not only did it look like he was just arriving but he didn’t bother with the stage door. Now there is a performer at ease with their work.

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