Three Sisters (Lyric Hammersmith, 30th January 2010)

The Lyric Hammersmith’s  production took Checkov’s Three Sisters partly out of its original context and placed it in a modern setting, which in itself didn’t necessarily demonstrate that Chechov’s play deals with universal themes, because some of the dilemmas in the drama are particularly relevant to the period in which the play is set.  I felt that the it was the relationships between characters and the emotion came across well in this production.  The stage and backstage boundaries became blurred, and I felt that the stage felt cluttered in an interesting way.  In the second half the second half props and scenery was brought together to create an attic room and a very claustrophobic feel, which reflected on the relationship of the sisters and those around them.  

Apart from feeling that  the music at the interval was rather jarring,  I thought this was an enjoyable production, with some strong performances from Poppy Miller, Romola Gari and Clare Dunn.

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Lyric Hammersmith Romola Garai Three Sisters

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