A Ghost Walk (York Theatre Royal, 10th February 2010)

Ghost walks are popular in the city of York.  The walks combine performance and a tour guide experience.  The ingenious Belt Up Theatre take this tried and tested format and added a twist to it.  The performance starts from York Theatre Royal and moves onto the street of York.  The night that I went is was snowing lightly and the footpaths were a little icy, so I set off with some trepidation.  As the walk progressed, I found I was really enjoying walking round the streets of York on a winter evening.  This wasn’t something, I’ve done very often and you do see the city  in a different way.  The performance consists of the usual stories told outside particular spots.  However, Belt Up Theatre bring a little extra in the characterisation of the ghost walk leader.  I don’t want to go into details and spoil the experience for those who haven’t been on the walk yet, but to say this is another excellent Belt Up performance, which asks the audience to work hard and participate to get the most out of it.

Belt Up Theatre York Theatre Royal

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