Illuminating York (York City Centre, 23rd October)

There are the groups of young women trying to recreate their summer holidays in Ibiza dressed in their short dresses without a jacket or coat, alongside other revellers out to have fun after working hard all week.  This is the familiar Friday night in York, but they are joined by the families wrapped up well against the creeping autumnal chill.   They all move down the streerts with older couples and the visiting tourists.  The night-time visitors come together at Illuminating York sites, where interaction is encouraged and being mischievous and naughty is absolutely fine.  At the 5Circles’s exhibit in St Sampson’s Square people gather around the installation and then move out tentatively into the circle of light and when they realise that they can manipulate the circles, blobs and lines they shriek with glee.  With this installation and the other installations, the historic City is brought together with the new and innovative.  Getting involved is fascinating, mesmerizing and lots of fun.  Illuminating York brings the City alive on a night and opens the street up for lots of different groups of people, that we probably wouldn’t normally see out on a Friday night.

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Illuminating York

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Illuminating York

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