Phedre (National Theatre, 1st August 2009)

I said that I would write about the live experience of seeing Phedre at the National Theatre in contrast to seeing it at the cinema.  I did enjoy the cinema experience, but I enjoyed seeing the live production much more.  I felt that it was much more physical live and the story was more powerful.  I also found it great not to be directed to look in certain places by the camera, but to be able to   look at reactions to speeches from other actors.  Again, I liked the idea of not having an interval, as the play worked well being performed in one go and seemed to fall nicely into two segments.  The first being before Theseus returns and the second after. 

I felt that the set was as stunning in the theatre as in the cinema and the blue was amazing.  Yes both the cinema and theatre experiences were great, but I did prefer the Theatre experience in the end.

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Helen Mirren National Theatre Phedre

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