Coronation Street, Law and Order, Who Do You Think You Are? (February 23rd 2009)

I think I was really pleased that Law and Order was on last night, because I am finding that Coronation Street is really struggling to keep me interested. Ken is seeing another woman again. Tina is lying for David again. There’s a new boss at the Factory again. Steve McDonald has moved a woman into the pub, and Liz and Amy have to get used to her – again. Ryan Connor is scowling and you get the picture. I am a great Corrie fan, but I need my fix of that humour and sadness with a little bit of originality that makes Corrie a great TV drama, and that seems to be missing at the moment.

Law and Order is based on an American programme, which I must admit, I have never watched. The structure is the police solve the crime and the prosecutors bring justice. What a cast as well. Freema Agyeman was refreshing as a young and keen prosecutor contrasted against the director of the CPS , Bill Pattison and the Detective Sergeant played by Bradley Walsh. As the mystery was contrasted with will they prosecute, it felt very satisfying getting the resolution to the narrative all in one evening.

I also watched Who Do You Think You Are? thanks to the magic of my SKY + box. I just thought what a beautiful woman Zoë Wanamaker is and how interesting Sam’s story was. We are aware of the Globe’s story and Sam’s quest to reconstruct the Globe in London. This is a wonderful story, but the story of how Sam came to England was really fascinating as well. I do like this programme, because I get caught up in the search and want to see how far back the Family Historians go. In last night’s episode, Wanamaker just went back through her father’s line and ended up tracing her Grandfather’s family back to Russia.

Coronation Street Law and Order Who Do You Think You Are

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