Rodchenko and Popova (Tate Modern, 14th February 2009)

This was a very interesting exhibition from a group of artists who challenged what art is and tried to move away from art being representational. The exhibition takes you through the development of Rodchenko and Popova’s work, each room containing examples from a short period of time. Rodchenko and Popova defined Constructivism and it is interesting that the exhibition is arranged chronologically at first and then in themes (Kandinsky, Architecture and Sculpture). Room Seven makes an attempt to recreate the 5×5 = 25 paintings part of an exhibition in Moscow.

What I found was a wonderful patterning of lines and shapes and colours that worked against a two dimensional image. Cubism is clearly an influence, and textures are key to objects and paintings. Room Nine shows works which work with photo montages. One of the interesting things about this exhibition is that the images contributed to wider life, such as advertising and the Workers Club.

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Tupitsyn M. (2009). Rodchenko and Popova. Defining Constructivism. London, Tate Publishing.

Rodchenko and Popova Tate Modern

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