Snow snow snow

It’s going to snow again tomorrow and we’ve all be warned about the weather. It was icy this morning, but I could walk on it. I worry when the children are going to school they’ll make slides then it becomes very slippy on the paths.

I’m sure it snowed much worse than this when we were kids. I remember it being much colder and it felt like it snowed all winter. It was great to go out sledging down Low Moor and as a kid I loved those slides which I dread now. It reminded me of the Gladys Knight and the Pips song:

Why does it always seem the past is better
We look back and think
The winters were warmer
The grass was greener
The skies were bluer
The smiles were brighter

Ahh the winters were warmer in the good old past, but I am thinking they were colder and harsher. Maybe then they weren’t the good old days.

Yes it was rather stressful looking at the weather forecast and thinking ‘oh no I’ll be late for work’ and snow would not be an excuse for lateness.

We’ll see how it is tomorrow.. could take some photos!! The BBC web site has got some really fantastic photographs on at the moment.


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