Is Maria like Hamlet (ITV1, Coronation Street, 2nd February 2009)

The death of a close relative has made her mad. She is desperately trying to find find out if her Brother in Law has killed her husband. Could Maria Connor be the Hamlet of the 2009s? OK it might be pushing the link somewhat but there are connections which can be made. The difference though is that Maria does not stand by mulling all this over. She is really a lady of action running Tony Gordon down in her car, rushing to the Rovers in pink pyjamas and flying into t’factory to try and find out the truth. To make links between this and Shakespeare’s play, makes watching a little more interesting. We all know that the bad one get their come uppence in Coronation Street, just look at the Tracy Barlow story line. It’s how they get caught that we are left wondering about. For me the story seems to be running on and on and I am getting a little bored with it. It was such a good storyline to complete at Chritmas, but we’re now in Feb and I am starting not to care.

I liked the Rosie joke the other day. The l in Elgar standing for “loser”. … only in Corrie.

Coronation Street

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